I can get my head lost in the clouds.

It can be about the next short video I'm storyboarding, or the latest IoT module featured by Sparkfun, or the overnight bike ride I’m planning for the weekend... However, it’s not the idea that gets me excited, it’s the process. From starting my own company from the ground up to working with large corporations as varied as healthcare and tech, confronting large ambiguous ideas isn’t a scary proposition: it’s thrilling.

Graduated with a BFA with honors in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University 2013.

Currently an Associate Interaction Designer at Gravitytank in San Francisco working in the fields of healthcare, technology, retail, food, and more.

Awards and Recognition

2013 Business Bout $25,000 Entrepreneurship Award Co-Recipient

2013 Alva Fellowship Co-Recipient

Showcased and published in the SIGCHI 2013 Conference & ACM Digital Library for:

Virtualized Reality 

Smile! Box 

2011 Core77 Transportation Design Award Co-Recipient


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jonathan@aurabicycles.com / 714.474.9460