Hand bent steel and Peruvian walnut furniture.


Iron & Wood

Inspired by the pliable nature of steel and the dark straight grain of Peruvian walnut, I wanted to design a set of lounge furniture around these materials. Iron & Wood is comprised of a magazine table and a lounge chair. Each piece comprises of hand bent .5" 1080 steel rod and Peruvian walnut.





Design Vision

The magazine table was inspired by the flexible pages of a magazine. I wanted to showcase the creation of  paper as a piece of furniture, how stiff planks of wood become flexible paper. The bent steel skeleton serves as the structure to show case this metamorphosis.

The lounge chair was formed from the recycled steel of the table. The chair contrasts with the rectilinear form of the table with its sharp angles however the material treatment reflects its companion piece.



Magazine Table

The dark Peruvian walnut top is finished with Tung oil and is attaches to the steel frame with U-bolts. The table top gently transitions into hanging canvas pockets that mimic the pages of the magazines its designed to hold.



Table Construction Process


Lounge Chair

Similar to the magazine table, Peruvian walnut attaches to the bent steel frame with U-bolts and carefully routed grooves. Unlike the the rectilinear form of the table, the chair contains nearly no right angles. The form of the chair is derived from the discarded steel  frames of the magazine table.


Chair Construction Process