Portland: the city of hipsters

I don’t think many of you know, but for my family’s vacation we have decided to return to one of the favorite romping grounds of the Ota’s: Portland, Oregon. Portland is an awesome place, reminiscent of Pittsburgh (albeit with better weather and more hipsters) and just plain cool. Now that I am in design, I have discovered that Portland is a HUGE design city (I guess I was unconsciously drawn to the place from the beginning), which is exciting!

And even more coincidentally, the IDSA conference is being held EXACTLY at the same time we will be there-which brings me to my question to you all…

Is $500 worth it to attend?

My parents are saying yes, in fact they are encouraging me to go. I even asked my man Eric Anderson for his wise advice, folks,  and of course sprinkling “trace” every so often.

but really, $500 for something I’m not sure I would be able to absorb?

My other plan was to voraciously email all the firms up there (which was about 70 according to core77) and see if I could visit them which would have been ideal. I feel like this would be a bit more helpful than a conference. Decisions, decisions. Oh, and feel free to point me in the direction of good firms to voraciously email if you know of any!