Food for Ma Belly (and not yours)

As a first foray into the world of food and all that is good, I made dinner yesterday for my mother and me AND Eunice and I made some delicious spearmint ice cream from scratch!

It was a delicious pasta with sauteed onions and herbs reduced in red wine with parmesan infused meatballs. I didn’t get sick, so I can safely say it was delicious! Enjoy some glamour shots.

As the for the ice cream, it was quite the involved process, one that entailed 4 hrs of preparing! Was it worth it you ask while drooling at the thought of minty fresh homemade ice cream? I think so, it was quite the strange concoction, but good!

The steeping process (heat, cool, heat, cool, AHHH! DON’T LET IT BOIL!)

Adding the choco chips. (So much for not getting fat. I’m sorry Kelly.)

Psh. Did you think I was really sorry Kelly?

Victory CHOMP! (nom nom nom)