New Lil' Project

Rethinking the Mixtape

So my friends and I have this music group devoted to creating and sending mix tapes to each other every month (with mixed success). I, however, didn't want to do a physical mixtape and decided to do something different, rethinking the purpose of the mixtape (of course I would over think this).

In my eyes, the mixtape is supposed to be this personal artifact of you share with others no matter where they are. An intangible tangible that speaks at an emotional level about your mood. Almost like an emotion journal. What I wanted to try to do was to see if I could take this personal insight one step further.

Anyways, I am designing a website, incidentally my first ever website, to not only substitute the physical audio mixtape, but to add a video component. Every song is preceded by a video snapshot of an event in my recent past. I wanted to give a more personal context to why I chose the songs. In a way it's kind of like a mashup of Vine and Spotify. Kinda.

The site is still under construction as I haven't generated the best content yet, however the framework of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript is there (granted with some tweaks).  Nevertheless, check out the work in progress here!